Gift card for graduateGraduation is a time of change. You’re either going to a new (bigger, scarier) school or leaving school and going out into the (bigger, scarier) world. A gift card to ease the transition would be a big help.

A gift card can also help students reduce (avoid) debt as they take the next step.

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Enjoy the journey, Grad!

Get Inspired: Get graduate a travel-inspired gift card such as the gas station, hotel, airlines, or auto repair place.

Pair it with the classic book by Dr. Seuss, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” This is one of my favorite graduation gifts.

Predict Graduate’s Future

Gift Card in a Chinese Take-Out Box Predicts the FutureGet Inspired: Put a gift card in a take-out box and deliver it with a fortune cookie that tells graduate what’s in store:

  • “You’ll soon be wearing new shoes (shoe store)”
  • “There’s shopping in your future (department store)”
  • “Something delicious is coming your way (restaurant)”.
  • “You’ll soon be doing lots of reading (bookstore)”.

Fresh Start

Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card

Get Inspired: Give graduate a fresh start with a practical gift card and everything needed to do the laundry. A gift card to a home store, organization store, or drug store will be perfect. If you have a graduate about to enter the workforce, think home accessories instead of dorm room. The practical gift card will be appreciated either way.

The Future is So Bright!

Sunglasses Gift Card for Graduate

Get Inspired: Get graduate a gift card to the swimwear or sunglasses store and pair it with sunscreen, flip flops, or a bag of Sun Chips.

Way to Go Smarty Pants!

Congrats Smarty Pants! Gift Card for Graduate
Get Inspired: Get grad a gift card to a clothing store. Attach it to a pack of Smarties or Smart Food popcorn. Add a congratulatory note, “Way to go Smarty Pants!” (Any gift card and any product with “Smart” in the label will do. I LOVE these SMART double-wall drinking cups.)

Booksmart gift card

Get Inspired: Get graduate a gift card to the bookstore so she can read a novel for fun instead of a textbook for a grade. Make the gift more personal with laminated photo bookmarks or a list of your favorite summer reads. (Of course, she can always buy more textbooks if she’s moving on to another level of education.)

You Rock!

iTunes Gift Card

Get Inspired: Graduates of all ages love gift cards for music, apps, and more. Get graduate a gift card to iTunes or Amazon plus some rockin’ treats to eat while the download completes. You Rock Graduate!

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