Host or Hostess Gift

Gift card for the host or hostessHosting a party or receiving guests can be a lot of work. Get a gift card that
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  • makes the next party easier to throw (cooking store, barbeque store, etc.),
  • helps clean up after the mess (carpet cleaner, home improvement, etc.),
  • enables the host to relax when the gathering is over (spa, book, movie).

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Kindness Beyond Measure

Get Inspired: Put a tape measure with a gift card to a home improvement store, a measuring cup with a gift card to the cooking store, or a fabric tape measure with a gift card to the fabric store. Write a note, “Your hospitality is without measure.”

Read how I took this gift card idea and turned it into a winning recipe.

Thanks for Serving Us

Applebee's Gift Card

Get Inspired: Deliver a gift card with a pie or cake server. The gift card can (but doesn’t have to) go along with the server. For example, a gift card to Applebee’s with an apple pie server would make for a cute play on words. But an Visa Gift Card set inside a fruit tray or attached to a nice serving spoon would be just as sweet. Add a note that reads, “Thank you for Serving Us!”

Coming Over for the Big Game

Get Inspired:A fun host gift for the big game is a gift card to the BBQ store, sporting goods store, or beverage store. Attach it to your homemade dip or few favorite recipes for man-friendly snacks such as hot wings, nachos, or a spicy dip. Throw in a bottle of Tums and they’ll think of you fondly when the fat lady sings.

On, you can get an NFL gift card or choose a gift card for a favorite team.

Barbeque Party

Get Inspired: Get a gift card for the local butcher and include a new recipe, rub, or barbecue utensil. Or get a gift card to the barbecue supply store instead. With a gift card to Omaha Steaks, the hosts can even have meat delivered for the next party.

Save the Drama!

Movie gift card with tissues and candy - no drama

Get Inspired: Get the hostess a gift card to the movies or a local DVD rental location. Attach it to some movie popcorn and theater snacks. Then scribe, “Hope this is the only drama at the party!”

Time to Read

Kindle gift card will help hostess relax after the party

Get Inspired: After the party is over, she’ll have time to finally catch up on her reading. Get the hostess a gift card to the bookstore and offer suggestions for books you’ve really enjoyed. Or pair the card with a homemade bookmark telling her all the reasons you appreciate her as a friend. She’ll love the new book and treasure the sentimental bookmark.

Gourmet Group

Cooking gift card plus a fun whisk

Get Inspired: If you’re a food loving group, get a gift card to the kitchen store, cooking store, gourmet food counter and attach it to a brightly colored silicone spatula, a basting brush, a flavored oil, or a new spice the host can experiment with in the kitchen. You could even attach a cooking gift card to something as simple as a stack of your favorite recipes or fresh vegetables from the garden. The host is sure to relish the thoughtfulness as much as the gift card itself.

Spa Girl

Magazine Gift Card Plus a Moment to Enjoy It!

Get Inspired: Get a gift card to the spa, pilates studio, salon or another place in town that offers rest and relaxation. Add a scented candle or her favorite chocolate bar. Entertaining is fun but she may need to take a deep breath and put her feet up after the party is over.

Dining Out

Beano for Dining Gift Card

Get Inspired: If the host or hostess has been cooking for you, get a gift card for a meal somebody else prepares after you’re gone. Along with that, give up your grandmother’s secret cookie recipe, a jar of homemade salsa, or fresh herbs from the garden. Bring a little of your home to theirs.

Thanks for Going to Extremes for Us

Get Inspired: Add a gift card to XTREME, EXTRA, or a SUPER snack and you’re ready to deliver a hearty “Thanks for going to Extremes for Our Visit!” or “Thanks for all the EXTRA work you did to have us here.”

This is a good time to select a gift card from a store like Walmart that lets you customize to gift card itself.

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