Valentine’s Day

Gift card for Valentine's DayExpressing your love for someone can be pressure enough. Don’t let gift card worries compound the problem.

Below are several easy ways to turn a gift card into a personal expression of affection–to varying degrees.

Piece of Cake

Get Inspired: Free Printable Gift Card Holder - Valentine Piece of Cake
Get a gift card to a cooking store and add cake making extras such as a cake mix, frosting, or a cake server.

Tell your Valentine, “Loving you is a piece of cake.” Or change to pie ingredients and write, “Loving you is easy as pie” instead.

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Keep the Flame Alive

Romantic dinner gift card for ValentineGet Inspired: Get your longtime Valentine a set of matches and a gift card to “your” restaurant. Attach it to a candle and write a heartfelt note including how you’re “keeping the flame alive.”

Get a lantern or firewood if you’re more of an outdoorsy duo.

Bananas for You

Gift card for Valentine's Day is bananas for you Get Inspired: This works for a Valentine you love or one you are just starting to get to know. Tie an ice cream store gift card to a bunch of bananas or makings for a banana split. Write, “I’m bananas for you!”

Any gift card will work. Just deliver it with homemade banana bread or banana pancakes for that personal touch.

My Choice Movie

Get Inspired: Movie gift card for Valentine's DayIf you typically object to romantic movies (Andrew), surprise your Valentine with a gift card to the movies, a box of tissues, her favorite movie candy and your pledge to willingly watch (even embrace) a movie of her choosing.

If your story is the opposite, agree to see an action movie without complaining. A gift card to the dvd rental works too.

My Heart Skips a Beat

Get Inspired: Easy way to give iTunes gift cardGet a Symphony candy bar and a gift card to iTunes, the music store, symphony, opera, or other musical venue. Write a note that says, “My heart skips a beat when I’m with you.” Or tell Valentine, “You Rock my World.”

Add a mix of love songs or “your songs” burned onto a CD for the final touch!

Dream Come True

Get Inspired: Dreams come true for Valentine with this gift cardPut together a dreamy Valentine gift card combination such as a gift card to the spa, salon, or other dreamlike experience (guilt-free shopping! shoes! chocolate factory!) Pair it up with a dreamy object such as a CD of relaxing music, a soft candle or a soothing eye mask.

It could also be a book about dreams and a gift card to the bookstore.Tell your Valentine that being with her (or him) is like a dream come true.

Putty in Your Hands

Get Inspired: Home Depot Gift Card for Gift Card GirlfriendFor the do-it-yourself Valentine, give a gift card to a home improvement store along with a canister of wood putty, all-purpose putty, or museum putty. For the playful partner, try silly putty and an entertainment gift card instead.

Tell your Valentine, “I turn to putty in your hands.”

Beyond Measure

Get Inspired: Your love measures up with this gift cardIf you have a creative Valentine, get a gift card to the fabric, art, or craft supply store and attach it to something used to take measurements—a ruler, yard stick, measuring cups, measuring spoons, or tape measure. Handwrite a note that says, “My love for you is beyond measure.”

Couples Therapy

Get Inspired: Spa gift card and candle is couples therapy for ValentineCelebrate Valentine’s Day with aroma and massage therapy for the both of you. Get a gift card for a couples massage or get a gift card to the bath and body shop. Pair it with a lotion, massage oil, or a romantic candle. Tell your love that you want to spend some time in therapy together.

My Heartburns for You

Get Inspired: heart burn gift card for Valentine's DayIf your Valentine suffers from heartburn or other indigestion issues, he’ll enjoy a box of his favorite acid blocker tied up nicely with a gift card to a favorite restaurant.

Add a fun-loving note that reads, “You make my heart burn (in a good way).”

Heart Card

Get Inspired: Speaking of hearts, a Health Center in my area sells gift cards for classes such as CPR and treatments like a women’s heart spa package or a comprehensive heart screening. Get your Valentine a gift card such as this and pair it heart healthy snacks or a promise to live healthier yourself. Be specific about what you promise to do for your loved one (and yourself).

My Love Grows

Get Inspired: Valentine gift cardAttach a gift card to a potted plant or a seed packet. Tell your Valentine that your love grows more and more each day.

Take it a step further with a gift card to the gardening store, a nature exhibit, or other ecological event in your area.

Green Valentine

Get Inspired: Green Valentine Gift CardPack an organic picnic lunch in a reusable shopping bag and get a gift card for an environmentally friendly adventure–like tandem bike riding through the city, electric car rental, or a guided walking tour.

More shopping, less adventure? Get a gift card to an eco-friendly store instead. Be sure to make a green Valentine card out of recycled materials.

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